Finding Happiness With Yourself And Life

You only have one chance on this earth. Don’t waste it by spending your time being miserable. Instead, spend your time doing things that make you happy. When you focus on things that will provide you with happiness, it will make a dramatic impact on your life. 




You will enjoy your life better and others will enjoy being around you more. It rubs off on other people and it has an overwhelmingly positive effect on all aspects of your life. Below, we have a few tips that you can follow that were given to us by Anand Mishra Tathastu that you can use to find happiness with yourself and your life.


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Fake It Till You Make It

This is a common phrase that you may have heard before. “Fake it till you make it” implies that if you pretend to be a certain way, it will eventually become a reality. 

This is usually brought up when people talk about confidence. When it comes to confidence, the best way to improve your confidence is to pretend that you are a confident person. Eventually, that so-called made-up confidence will become real confidence that will stick with you the rest of your life. 



This tip also applies to being happy in general. If you go out and surround yourself with happy people, participate in fun activities, and you put your fake smile on, eventually that “fake” happiness will become real happiness. It’s a good way to trick your mind into getting out of a depression and improving your overall mood.

Manage Expectations For Yourself

It’s important to set goals and aim high; however, it’s just as important to keep your expectations manageable for yourself. By managing expectations, you will avoid letting yourself or others down. You won’t be in a position where you have unrealistic goals set for yourself that are virtually unachievable. Instead, you will have a better idea of what you can and cannot accomplish and you can base your progress and mindset off of that more accurately.

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